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We are so privileged to be a part of personal growth like this. Woman to the Power of 10 is so powerful:

“Good day ladies,

Wow what a journey this has been for me.  Absolutely amazingly incredible…. If I can phrase it like that.

I have learnt so much from this course which can be applied not only professionally but personally as well.  Women to the power of 10 has taught me so much that I didn’t know about myself.  I have learnt that I am a girl and it’s okJ  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being the emotional creature that I am.  It’s what makes me strong, beautiful and powerful.  I’ve realized that I am much stronger than I thought I was and that I don’t have to be afraid to be my authentic self.  I’ve realized that I have what it takes to be an authentic female leader.  I’m still battling with the “Fake it until you become it” but I’ll get there.

What I have learnt on this course I will apply in my everyday life and pass down to other female colleagues, friends and family as well.  Thank you ladies @ “The Office Coach” for impacting my life in the way you have.  I have been so excited to attend every single session knowing that I was going to gain something from it.  You have made me see myself in another light.  I am so much more confident, I feel beautiful and I feel powerful.  I proclaim that I am a W10 woman and I am proud of itJ

A special dedication to you to show how you have impacted my life:

I am a girl…..

I am girl with joys and sorrows

I laugh and I cry.

I’m an emotional creature

And that’s the reason why.

I am a girl and I’m not afraid

To be authentically me.

No need to hide from anyone

I am better than the best can be.

I am a girl and I have my flaws

But that doesn’t change who I am.

I may not be wonder woman

But pose like her I can.

I am a girl and I have the power

To direct my destiny.

I can dream all I want

I can make it reality.

I am a girl a proud one at that

I’m awesome yes that’s me

But I’m not just a girl

I am a woman phenomenally…




“The Office Coach has managed to do something for Federal Mogul that no other trainer has done before….empowering women to reach their full potential and in the same breath remind us why we are women and the possibilities that lie within that fact.
We are women first and do not need to apologise or compromise our femininity to get the job done. It is up to us to change the workplace to suit our needs, not necessarily change ourselves.
It is good to grow and evolve but at what cost? Stay true to the person you are and continue the path to excellence with training from the office coach to reach your true potential as a woman”. (MM, Federal Mogul)
“Before the course I was not sure of how to lead the people, and ever since I started this training I am positively sure of what I am doing, and I am doing with confidence.

The training showed me my strengths and weakness. Now I know how to deal with any situation I know what is right and wrong.

I did not even have time for me and my family now I have time for myself and my family. I know how to approach people and gain knowledge. I can control my temper and motivate myself.

I know what kind of a person I am and have peace ,joy and happiness.
I am proved a lot and see myself at a higher level.

Thanks to my lecturers”. (CN, Team Leader, Kromberg and Schubert)

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