1. Mentoring basics

1.1.    Ways of mentoring
1.2.    Roles and competencies
1.3.    Organisational strategies

2. Mentoring programmes

2.1.    Understanding mentoring programmes

2.2.    Developing mentoring programmes

2.3.    Selecting participants

3. Dimensions and styles of mentoring

3.1.    Mentoring dimensions

3.2.    Learning and mentoring styles

4. Mentoring effectively

4.1.    Effective mentoring relationships

4.2.    Choosing and managing mentees

4.3.    Effective mentees

5. Mentoring relationships

5.1.    Building strong mentoring relationships

5.2.    Successful mentoring relationships

5.3.    Ending mentoring relationships

Key learning outcomes from the Mentoring module:

  1. Understanding of the elements of mentoring
  2. Knowledge of how to develop, maintain and end mentoring relationships
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