1. Human Resources policies, principles and procedures, including
Annual Leave Attendance Bullying and Harassment Code of Conduct
Compassionate Leave Conflicts of interest and ethics Data protection Disciplinary
Dress code E-mail and internet use Employee consultation Employment Contracts
Employment of relatives Equal Opportunities Exam/study Leave Expenses
Grievance Health and Safety Jury Service Long Term Illness
Maternity Leave Occupational Health Paternity Leave Pay
Pension Performance Management Probationary Period Racial Equality
Recruitment, selection and appointment Redundancy Retirement Security
Staff development Substance Abuse Temporary appointments Termination
Terrorism and vigilance Training and development Transfer Travel and subsistence
Workplace violence
  1. 2. Labour Laws including

2.1. Basic Conditions of Employment Act

2.2. Labour Relations Act

2.3. Labour Relations Amendment Act 2002

2.4. Employment Equity Act

2.5. Skills Development Act

2.6. Unemployment Insurance (UIF)

2.7. Rules for the conduct of proceedings before the CCMA

3. The role of Labour Unions

4. Employee Confidentiality

4.1. Confidentiality of information

4.2. Security of information

4.3. Office procedures

4.4. Electronic and physical filing of employee information

5. Managing misconduct

5.1.  The Code of Good Practice

5.2.  Structure of the Disciplinary Procedure

5.3. How to use the Procedure

5.4. Service of Notices referred to the Procedure

5.5. Disciplinary Records

5.6. Representation at a Disciplinary Enquiry

5.7. Disciplinary Enquiry

5.8. Appeals

5.9. Dismissals

6. Performance management

6.1.  Objectives

6.2.  Procedure for employees in respect of Poor Performance

6.3. Poor Performance Hearing

6.4. Appeals

6.5. Dismissals

7. Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA)

Key learning outcomes from the Employee and Labour Relations Module:

  1. Knowledge of relevant labour law and how it impact HRM policies and procedures
  2. Practical tools for managing non-compliance, misconduct and poor performance
  3. Knowledge of external resources for managing employee and labour relations issues
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