Course Overview

A professional Office Manager effortlessly combines a diverse range of responsibilities ensuring that office processes and activities are efficiently and smoothly managed. This course will help you develop an assertive and organised approach to managing people and processes in your office, to facilitate harmonious and productive working. It includes key management skills and planning techniques to improve information flow and achieve objectives.

Course Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  •  Understand the range of responsibilities and skills required by the office manager
  • Apply various approaches when dealing with the management of tasks, teams and individuals
  • Apply techniques to plan and manage workload effectively and achieve objectives
  • Create and apply a checklist of systems and procedures to aid the smooth running of the office
  • Apply assertive communication and problem-solving skills

Course Outline

Day 1: The multiple roles and skills of an Office Manager

Understand the different roles you will fulfil as an effective Office Manager. This will be the reference point from which you will learn how to set realistic, achievable goals and excel in your position.

  1. The “administrator/process manager” role: ensuring that paperwork, procedures and systems run smoothly
  2. The “people/HR manager” role: maintaining thorough employee records (including documentation relating to leave, sick leave and absenteeism) and managing tricky situations in line with current legislation
  3. The “project manager” role: managing small scale projects within the office, or providing support for larger scale projects undertaken by your company
  4. Organisational skills
  5. Communication and other interpersonal skills

Day 2:

Essential skills for the Office Manager

The focus here is on assessing your performance and mastering self-management skills in the following areas

  1. Image, dress and professionalism
  2. Time management, planning and prioritising
  3. Problem solving and decision making
  4. Stress responses

Go from good to great as a professional Office Manager

  1. Understanding and applying company objectives, policies, procedures and protocols
  2. Practicing exceptional office etiquette
  3. Engineering administrative processes for efficiency and effectiveness
  4. Contributing to the financial efficiency of your company
  5. Managing people so that they are happy and productive
  6. Office related procurement, supplier contracts and Service Level Agreements

Available Format

Usually delivered over two days

  • Duration of each training day is 08:30 – 16:30
  • Appropriate for employees moving from administrative to office management positions or for those already in office management who would benefit from improving their skills in this area

Learning Tools

All our courses are highly interactive; participants are called on to engage in activities and discussions throughout the training session(s). We also make use of various media to illustrate key learning points, including video clips, music and drama.

Most of all, our coaching style allows delegates to have FUN. That way, they learn more, remember more and apply more!

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