According to the Department of Trade and Industry, the aim of the Consumer Protection Act (the Act) is “to make markets work better for consumers by ensuring that consumers:

* are able to make well informed buying decisions;
* are able to access a wide range of products and services based on honest and fair marketing and selling practices;
* have access to efficient and effective redress; and
* are educated about their rights and responsibilities.”

The Act, which comes into effect on April 1, 2011 is going to have a huge impact on virtually every business in South Africa. It makes South African consumers among the most protected in the world.

Do you know what the implications are for your business? Are you prepared? Here are some areas that you may need to focus on:

  • Marketing
  • The consumer’s choice
  • Cooling off periods following direct marketing
  • Cancellation of advance reservations, bookings or orders
  • Disclosure and information
  • Fair and honest dealing
  • Consumer agreements
  • Liability for damage caused by goods
  • Franchise agreements

If you run your own business, are a General Manager or are responsible for Sales or Customer Services then you need to attend this one-day course.

Course Outline

1 An overview of the rationale behind the Consumer Protection Act (the Act)

• This will provide a brief history of where our Act was taken from and why it was needed
• It will also provide some insight into how the Act may be applied

2 To whom and how the Act applies

• Explains the wide application of the Act
• Explains how directly or indirectly everyone will be affected

3 The consumer rights protected by the Act

• A brief overview of all the rights
• How these rights may specifically affect business

4 Enforcement of the Act

• Structures and procedures in terms of the Act
• Wide powers granted to the courts
• Who can enforce the rights contained in the Act

5 Implications for your business

• Identifying and addressing key areas of focus
• Where to get more help

This course is facilitated by Stephen Newman, who is also currently involved in training officials of the Department of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs (DEDEA) in the Eastern Cape for the implementation of the Consumer Protection Act. He has appeared on Radio Kingfisher to explain the Consumer Protection Act and answer questions related to the Act.

Upcoming course dates: 25 May and 8 June 2011. Email to book your place.

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