Management Training Courses are also provided by the Office Coach. These courses generally run for 1-2 days and provide a more detailed learning opportunity in the following areas:

Team Synergy

This course provides an experience in which the participants are exposed to teamwork principles, are able to chart their present success and develop a clear plan to ensure ongoing success and sustainable synergy.

Team Management

Participants will learn how to manage their teams to ensure that they are able to work together and attain the goals and objectives set out for them.

Change Management

In this training course, leaders will develop the ability to lead their team through change. This is enabled through developing an understanding of the impact of change on a team, identifying how to manage individuals’ responses and understanding the importance of effective guidance and support as the individuals move from resistance to acceptance and finally performance.

Performance Management

The course aims to develop both the knowledge and skill of managers when handling incapacity/poor performance concerns. It is designed to complement your Human Resources processes and provide tools for more effective people management.

Managing Misconduct

The course develops managers’ knowledge of the policies and procedures that surround effective management of misconduct. The course provides the participants with knowledge of the law and the processes that need to be followed. They are also given the opportunity to practice their skill in both chairing and presenting cases in an enquiry.

Personal Leadership Training

This training course focuses on developing the leadership capacities of each individual. If focuses first on enabling one to lead oneself. Having developed independence the individual is then better able to develop the skills required to lead a team. The course aims at developing the following competencies:

  • Leadership
  • EQ & Leadership
  • What is management
  • Becoming proactive
  • Time Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Conflict Management
  • Enabling Synergy
  • Managing diversity
  • Effective Negotiation

Assertiveness Training

Many people battle to set clear boundaries in life and so end up at the mercy of others goals, unmanaged time or needs. The course develops each individuals understanding of the importance of boundaries and develops an understanding of how to both set and implement them.

Customer Service Training

Many businesses battle with developing a culture of service excellence into its staff group. This course aims to develop the understanding of service and the practises to enable staff to meet the needs of the customer and deliver service at the level f the customer and businesses expectations.

Supervisory Training

This training course is aimed to develop high performing employees and prepare them for supervisory roles. Alternatively it provides supervisors with the skill and knowledge to improve their effectiveness in their roles. The different areas covered in this course are:

  • Motivating people
  • Communication
  • Managing a team of People
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