We are pleased to invite you to participate in something new, something transformational.

Women10 is a comprehensive talent management programme that will fundamentally change the way women in your organisation think and act. Let’s talk about Active Learning!

Prepare for a  paradigm-shift

Paradigm /ˈparədʌɪm/ noun

A paradigm is a standard, perspective or set of ideas. A paradigm is a way of looking at something, “society’s paradigm of the ‘ideal woman’”

Why should companies invest in women?

Through the Women10 workshops, you have the opportunity to boost your female talent. We focus on shifting 10 key paradigms that will result in more contributing, effective and engaged women in your workplace.

  • Growing evidence shows that corporations led by women are more focused on sustainability
  • Women work 2/3 of the world’s hours yet earn 1/10 of the world’s income: employment equity targets require woman in leadership roles
  • Companies with a critical mass of women at the top achieve significantly better business results than those companies with few or no women

You need to invest in talented women in order to remain competitive!Feedback

Why should you engage with the Woman10 workshops?

Research shows that, on average, only 15% of conventional, classroom-based learning transfers to workplace behaviour! This isn’t acceptable to us, so this workshop uses a multi-media approach focussed on changing the way people think. The result is learning in a way that leads to sustained, effective workplace behaviour and lifelong personal development. This is our key differentiator!

Woman10 is unique in that:

  • The workshops are highly interactive; participants are called on to engage in activities and discussions throughout). We also make use of various media to illustrate key learning points, including video clips, music and drama. Most of all, our coaching style allows delegates to have FUN.
  • It delivers behaviour changes, not just information relay; participants are given guided activities to work through between workshops. This allows them to engage with enablers in your organisation, to practice new skills or refine their understanding and application of paradigms.
  • Enablers (e.g. line managers) within your organisation are invited to share in the learning process. Coaching and mentoring is encouraged and can be facilitated, as required.

Who should attend?

The Woman10 workshops are designed for high-potential women at all levels of your organisation. It can also serve as an induction programme to all new or recognised women leaders within the organisation.

What investment do I need to make? polaroid

Time: 10 days over 10 months

What quality assurance do I have?

The workshops are co-facilitated by a group of dynamic, passionate women, all successful in their own right yet so humble and approachable that they reach a wide audience. Our work and internal processes have been validated and our clients can rest assured that we have what it takes to deliver best-in-class results in both the accredited and non-accredited arenas. The Office Coach is accredited as a provider with Services Seta (Provider Accreditation Number: 9803).

Request a full brochure: email angela@theofficecoach.co.za

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