PinsFollowing its recent rebrand, Just Property has appointed The Office Coach to develop a programme aimed at aligning the hearts, minds and behaviours of staff with its brand promise.

Paul Stevens, CEO of Just Property explains, “We are building a culture that makes us better people and better at the work we do. Our company values should live within us, creating a common thread in the way that we do business, a way that distinguishes us from our competitors”

It’s well documented that consumers no longer entirely trust in the marketing content brands release into the world. “Recent research suggests only 55 percent of consumers considered a company’s marketing materials to be a trusted source of information when making a buying decision. “We are working with Just Property to build brand ambassadors, people who will live the company’s values and deliver the brand promise to the right people at the right time and in the right way.”

Employees are well-positioned to act as the bridge between a company and potential customers, especially in real estate. The campaign will be launched in August and will roll out nationally from September 2016.


Written and distributed for The Office Coach by Sapphire Street. For more information please call Kimberley Clare Ogden on 076 321 8918 or email

The Office Coach appointed for Just Property’s ”Living our Values” campaign
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