Cost: $1.99.
Available on: iOS® (iPhone® and iPad®).
Review Date: Feb 2016.
Reviewed by: Dan Grabham.

Whack Pack is the digital version of Roger von Oech’s massive-selling Creative Whack Pack card deck.

Von Oech, an author and creative thinking expert, describes Creative Whack Pack, which consists of 64 different strategy cards, as “a creativity workshop in a box.” And he has developed an expanded app version, with 84 digital cards.

The app helps you to generate ideas, and provides inspiration if you’ve hit a “mental block” or if you are looking for innovative ways to spark discussions whenbrainstorming.

The name comes from what the app is designed to do: to “whack” you out of your normal thought processes and encourage you to take a new look at what you’re doing.

The illustrated cards are double sided. The “front” shows the name of a strategy or story, and you can flip to the “reverse” side, which gives a more detailed description.

Screenshot 1

Each illustrated card suggests an idea or strategy.

Whack Pack is not just aimed at business people. It is also useful for teachers, coaches and students who want to boost their creative thinking.

When you launch the app, you can choose a random “card of the day” or search for a specific card. The deck is divided into four suits: Explorer, Artist, Judge, and Warrior. Each suit has a different objective. For example, Explorer cards are designed to provide you with techniques to generate new ideas, Judge cards help you to evaluate the practicalities of an idea, and Warrior cards aim to motivate you to put your strategies into action. There is also a section based on the teachings of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

Screenshot 1

Whack Pack features different suits to inspire creativity.

The app also has a feature to help you tackle specific issues, such as how to make a difficult decision or kick a bad habit. We found the cards with these stories particularly effective.

Whack Pack is also great for enabling more far-reaching brainstorming. It won’t solve your problems for you, but it can make you think deeply about issues from different perspectives, which can help inspire new ideas and solutions.

If you come across a card you find particularly inspirational, you can share it via Twitter®, Facebook®, iOS® Messages, or email.

There’s a feature that allows you to write your own thoughts and ideas, but we found it easier to simply use a pen and paper for this.

Screenshot 1

Some cards feature stories to inspire new ways of thinking.

Final Thoughts

Grabham is pleasantly surprised by Whack Pack; “While there will be cards that won’t be relevant to your particular issue or situation, you will still find enough to inspire you to new thinking or to try new approaches to creativity”. We think it is worth exploring!

Source: Dan Grabham Whack Pack, Available at: (Accessed: 29 March 2016).

Whack Pack – an app to spark creative thinking
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